E-Commerce Integrated Service Provider (TSP)

We offer a complete cross-border e-commerce solution that includes video and live delivery services for high-quality supply chains and brands in Thailand, and worldwide.
We are officially certified with TikTok Thailand, and are one of only five officially certified TikTok Shop Partners. Our primary focus is Thailand, but our operations and process support global markets including the Americas and Europe.

(Live D E-Commerce)

TikTok short video live broadcast e-commerce, professional live broadcast room creation

(MEMO E-Commerce)

Shopee Lazada platform operation, Thailand e-commerce market solution

A complete end-to-end E-Commerce sales to delivery option

Product market consulting services

Headway Logistics and Overseas Warehouse Services

Account establishment, product listing, short video editing

LIVE broadcast sales

Total Solution to LIVESTREAM to multiple social channels

We can push the LIVE show sales to not only TikTok, but your YouTube and Facebook LIVE channels at the same time.

Product market consulting services

Live D E-Commerce conducts market pre-market research and promotion plan planning for products according to the customer’s product situation, combined with Thailand’s e-commerce market and TikTok-related data


Clothing Apparel

Household Furniture


Electronic Appliances


Maternal and infant supplies

Food and Beverage


Headway Logistics and Overseas Warehouse Services

Live D E-Commerce cooperates with Thailand’s high-quality first-pass logistics and overseas warehouse, BG LINK service providers, and can provide customers with a series of localized services in Thailand, such as first-pass, warehousing, and delivery.

Account establishment, product listing, short video editing

Live D E-Commerce handles TikTok account opening, homepage and main image design, product listing, localized editing of short video materials, and Thai e-commerce shop, according to the product features and brand style provided by customers. This is combined with Thai user habits and market conditions, including localization services such as Thai customer service and translation

Tik Tok account opening

Home page decoration

Main image design

Product listing

Localized editing of short video materials

Thai customer service and translation


Create a live broadcast room and customize the live broadcast delivery plan

Live D E-Commerce creates professional live broadcast rooms exclusive to customers according to product characteristics, brand tonality, and customer needs.
Our services include green screen and live broadcast rooms equipped with professional high-definition live broadcast cameras, and brand photography lights, green screens, and other equipment.
A live broadcast room with a brand logo can also be built according to customer requirements and budget (a long-term contract is required)


The sales presenters are local Thai anchors who are consistent with the product and brand style, and we design the ranking and live broadcast script according to the products selling point and shipping/logistics situation.
Our proven approach achieves the same live broadcast effect as the Chinese Douyin live broadcast room (proven e-comm live sales process in China).


Live D E-Commerce provides professional TikTok streaming service for the general agent of Deerma brand in Thailand

Design exclusive live broadcast backgrounds and video animations consistent with the Deerma brand style

Script design of sorting and live delivery according to Deerma products

Select local Thai anchors that are consistent with the Deerma brand style

At present, the live broadcast room has a maximum of 2,300 people online in real time, the maximum promotion ROI>20, and the monthly product promotion exposure to 200,000 potential purchasers.

Logitech example

PinkFlash example

Live D E-Commerce

MEMO E-Commerce

Company Profile

MEMO E-Commerce was established in 2019, when an experienced e-commerce group from China set up a localized operation team in Thailand to develop product sales within the Shopee and Lazada platform. We are currently ranked #1 in single product sales in select Shopee and Lazada categories!

In response to the rapid development of TikTok, Live D E-Commerce was newly established in Bangkok, Thailand as a professional live broadcasting base, covering an area of 1653 sqft, for recruiting and training a team of local broadcasting.
We provide proxy services for TikTok in terms of operation, live broadcasting, as well as other services including professional green screen live stream or live stream background setting, and sales of professional live stream equipment.




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